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My Story as Co-Founder of

        There are an overwhelming number of resources available for homeschoolers today, so why would a parent need another resource? My name is Windy and I am the co-founder of The answer to this question has a lot to do with my background and my relationship with education.

        A native of Southern California, I moved to Mexico to pursue a master’s degree in applied linguistics. Not only did I fall in love with the country and culture, but even more so with teaching! 

      After several years in this new country, I was fortunate to build a beautiful family, which meant two kids that would need a solid education if they were going to go to college in the US. After trying out two local private schools for three terms, my homeschool journey began. Without dating myself too much, I will share that at the time, the internet was not nearly as developed as it is now. Curriculum was not easily available, and it was often challenging to obtain the general textbooks and resources for the children, much less books in English, from the local library, considering there wasn’t even a local library where we lived! So how did we homeschool? With almost no technology, limited academic resources, a lot of creativity, and an abundance of love that surpassed my short threshold of patience.

       I would love to share that I was the hip-homeschool mom who had it all together. But the truth is, I really wasn’t. As someone who has always been passionate about education, I wanted to get back into the classroom, but I couldn’t let my kids go back to school, or could I? After four years of homeschooling, I gave up, but we weren’t going to enroll our children in just any school. We intended to enroll them in OUR brick-and-mortar school! Yes, we opened a private school just for our children. The process of opening the school took us about a year, during which our kids continued to be homeschooled. I have to say, it was one of the most memorable years of my life as a mom and professional. The entire family was involved in writing the vision, mission, and school philosophy. I researched avidly and made phone calls to educational organizations and specialists in many countries across the globe. I attended seminars, courses, and training for international education, earned teaching certifications, and spoke to hundreds of administrators, teachers, parents, and students with the objective of building a learning community that would truly celebrate each learner and provide them with the instruction they needed to not only learn but thrive. That was a priority for me. That was what I wanted for my own children. When we finally opened our school in August 2015, my children were in 4th and 5th grade, respectively. I suddenly went from being a homeschool mom to a school principal, and although we were able to create the school climate, we set out to create, it wasn’t long before I found myself wrapped up in accreditation and certification processes. As a school owner and leader, I was becoming more of an administrator than an educator. On more of a personal quest to validate the quality of my children's and students’ education, we successfully sought and were awarded accreditation by top U.S. organizations, as well as candidacy as an IB school at the primary level. We were growing and thriving as a school community when the pandemic hit in March 2020. Like the rest of the world, we transitioned to online teaching for what we thought would be just a few weeks. When the weeks and months turned into a year, we decided to close the school. I took off my principal’s cap and donned the all too familiar homeschool mom ponytail, which would only get longer over the next couple of years. The difference this time around was the expertise I had acquired as an education professional and administrator. I started to see homeschooling through a very different lens. By the end of 2021, we would find ourselves back in my hometown of the San Fernando Valley in Southern California.

        My children are now 11th and 12th graders. My oldest child is off to college up north in the fall of 2023, and my youngest attends a performing arts magnet school with hopes of attending a conservatory abroad in the fall of 2024. I am proud to say that both my kids were able to transition exceptionally well into US high schools once we got to the states. They are both currently in honors and AP classes and have adapted well to extremely large high schools.

        There are an overwhelming number of resources available for homeschoolers today, so why would a parent need another resource like It is just the answer that led me to co-found I know firsthand that not having enough resources to homeschool can be just as burdensome as having too many. And then there’s that cumbersome truth that what works well for one child may not work for another. So, was created to assist you in determining what you require for your one-of-a-kind and amazing learner.

      Our app will help guide you with the full and unwavering heart of a homeschool parent, combined with the head of an educational administrator to make sure your learner is at every advantage when it comes to his/her future. Whether you need resources like curriculum, activities, or lesson plans; social opportunities for connecting with others; or support groups by interests and grades, you will find them on our unique app. Furthermore, I am excited to support your journey and share my unique experience as the founder of a traditional brick and mortar school, my knowledge and expertise in K–12 international education, and my history as a simple, but not uncomplicated homeschool mom through Consider us your personal team of educators and specialists, creating and curating the material and resources your learner(s) needs without you having to sift through hundreds of worksheets, curriculum, and well-intentioned opinions so that you can focus on the teaching and learning.

     As I leave my own homeschool journey behind with my learners on their way to college, I hope you will allow to be part of your journey.

W.T Fama


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