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Iugo World Academy
Enrollment Portal

23/24 School Year Enrollment now OPEN!


This is a private portal for iugoPRO members to register their Satellite Campus or homeschool and students with IWA.  You will need the following to complete enrollment:

  • Completed Enrollment Packet (provided below)

  • Scanned copy of the student's last transcript or report card 

  • Enrollment fee of $55.00 per student K-11

  • Senior fee of $50.00 per student (grade 12 only)

Follow the instructions below to process your enrollment:

1-  Click on and download the fillable PDF Enrollment Form (blue below). Be sure

     to save the form on your drive before you begin.

2.  Fill out the enrollment form. If you will enroll more than 4 students or 2

     instructors, please download additional pages as needed (below)

3- Carefully read and sign the Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement of Policies at the

    end of the packet. 

4- Scan required and additional supporting documents (report cards,

    transcripts, IEPs, etc.) and upload along with the Enrollment Form.

5- Complete the payment processing stage. The default enrollment quantity is for

    2 students so be sure to adjust the number to reflect your students.

6- Ensure confirmation message is sent to your inbox.

7- Await processing and clearance of your application. Once approved and

    cleared, your homeschool account will be set-up for onboarding and activation.        Please expect the enrollment process to take effect within 24 hours.  

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