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  • How is iugo pronounced and what does it mean?
    iugo is pronounced /yugo/ and is latin meaning yoke - to bind together and connect. The heart and mission of is to bring together and connect the homeschool community in the U.S. and around the world and protect the right to school our children, support each other and thrive individually and collectively as a whole.
  • What is is a private, one-of-a-kind web, iOS, and Android-based homeschool community app. Members can connect, share, and access hundreds of curated and original homeschool learning and teaching resources, tips, events, courses, and other relevant information designed to help their homeschools thrive.
  • What resources and services can I find on
    Examples of resources are: Group-focused interest groups such as Project Based Learning, Faith-based Homeschooling, Gifted and Talented Learners, Classical Homeschooling, among others; Groups with specific learning goals and content by grade and ages; Personal homeschool consultant Courses and workshops for students and parents Curated open-source K-12 curriculum, digital textbooks, teaching guides, resources and assessment (where available) iugo created worksheets, programs, and resources for K-12 Community discussion board; Curated events and field trips; iugoEvent such as fairs, expos, conventions and outings; Homeschool directory; Live feed and announcements; Health & Safety First feed Eligibility to enroll in Iugo World Academy* Note: Iugo Academy is $55 additional per student/year (K-11) and $105 for Seniors.
  • Is an umbrella school?
    Yes. is an umbrella school as defined by the Coalition for Responsible Home Education. As an umbrella school, we offer: Record-keeping services (attendance and transcripts) Compliance with homeschooling laws Diplomas, certificates and report cards Help with curriculum Independent workshops Assessment Field trips, fairs and events Extracurricular activities
  • Is accredited regionally or nationally? is registered via affidavit with the CA Department of Education as a private satellite school and will provide our members with official end-of-year report cards (K–12) and/or high school transcripts (9–12) and high school diplomas per the A–G UC college admissions subject requirements for students meeting the high school graduation requirements set forth by the state of California, regardless of the state you live in. School accreditation with a recognized accreditation agency in the United States is optional. As does not offer instruction, programs of study or a set curriculum, accreditation does not apply to our organization.
  • Does include curriculum and textbooks for my learner?
    Yes! Our team of academic researchers works continuously to curate quality and adaptable curricula for all core subjects (ELAR, math, science, and social studies) and grades (K-12). This includes, where available, daily, pre-planned lessons, teaching guides, workbooks, printable resources, digital programs, textbooks, and assessment. Members can use all of the curated, open resources we have put together and organized as the foundation of teaching and learning for your homeschool without paying for curriculum or additional resources.
  • Can suggest an academic plan for my student?
    As a iugoMember, one of our academic specialists would be happy to connect with you and help you find the right resources for your unique learner.
  • How will my student earn a high school diploma with
    If you choose to enroll your learner with iugoAcademy, after they satisfy the graduation requirements for the State of CA and the learning portfolio, will issue the student a high school diploma and transcripts for grades 9–12 for colleges and universities. We encourage you to thoroughly research the application process and requirements of the college or university system your child will be applying to in order to ensure you are able to comply with their requirements for homeschooled students. Most universities in the United States from ivy league colleges, private colleges and state college universities now accept homeschooled students. However, we cannot assure you that our documentation will satisfy 100% of schools nationally or internationally. However, be assured that as a iugoAcademy member, we will walk through this process with you.
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